k&m + j: meet the family


Hey…it’s m here.  As the main contributor to lovekandm I figured you might want to know a bit about this blog so you can decide if it’s worth reading or if scrolling Pintrest for another hour wins out (no judging I’ve been known to Pintrest for an hour [or five] myself.)   Through lovekandm I want to share my explorations and experiments to find happiness and peace throughout this crazy journey of life.  Did you guess it yet? Of course you did…it’s a journey held together with love, joy, and gratitude.  I’m hoping to inspire others to find the positive vibes, Tinkerbell’s pixie dust, the inner ‘ahhh’ and make everyday count!  Sound like a plan?! Then come meet the family….

Family is not an important thing.  It is everything. -michael j. fox


k: kevin

kevin is the man of the house, our pillar of support, and smart to boot! kevin is a computer engineer by day and the best husband [& fur-baby daddy] in the world!  Not only does k support all of my antics/crazy ideas/dreams and schemes but he truly enjoys every ounce of our life together.  We met in college, explored living in Austin, bought our charming home, and adopted the most beautiful rescue mutt together…and that was all before getting married.  k will be contributing to love: k&m with guest posts on all things well…kevin related…technology, broomball, arcade machines, Iowa State athletics, and so much more.

Here’s k in his own words:

I’ll probably be hiding behind the scenes most of the time.  I’m the loving husband Mandy is always raving about…or that’s what I like to tell myself 🙂 In my professional life I write software.  Getting Mandy a blog may help convince me to finally put something of my own together.  Mandy, Josie, and I are embarking on our new journey as a family and I can’t wait to see what else life has in store for us.  You can find me on the slow pitch softball fields in the Spring/Summer months and on the ice rink paying broomball in the Winter.  Building this is a passion of mine and I’m hoping to start getting more into woodworking.  I’m sure there are plenty of projects Mandy and I can come up with and maybe talk about on here.  I know Mandy is just dying for me to make another arcade, or better yet, a virtual pinball machine 🙂 .

YES YES YES! – daniel bryan

image1 (4)

m: mandy

So…as you now know from the above post, this blog is ‘my baby’ so to speak.  From the idea to conception is actually a pretty cute feel good story if I do say so myself.  A couple of years back I got fascinated with reading random blogs to the point of referring to the writers as ‘my friends’.  That’s when it clicked…people really do put their heart and soul into their posts and you can’t help but fall in love with the positive energy, inspiring journeys, and ummm great home DIY ideas (am I right or am I right?).  Of course kevin got to hear all about this post and that idea and being the technology savvy man he is, suggested perhaps I start my own blog.  Are you nuts?  Who would want to read about my life, I’m just a normal person…no special skills, I don’t own a shop, I’m not a certified trainer or anything.  So needless to say I put that idea on the back burner.  Then kevin popped the BIG questions (which I of course said YES)  and the wedding planning began.  The first thing I decide was that our wedding needed an appropriate concept/title…that’s when LoVe: k&m was born.  It was a reoccurring them throughout our wedding….invitations, decorations, thank yous…you name it…we were branded.  Well being the best fiance ever kevin took the concept one step further and for Christmas he bought me the domain name lovekandm.  How sweet is that?!  (I guess that shows you just how much I was talking about ‘my friends’ and their blogs.)  Fast forward a year of growing and evolving through all the wedding planning and beyond and here we are.  I finally found my message….why God guided kevin to purchase me a site.  I am your average women…but that doesn’t mean I don’t have plenty of love, joy, and gratitude to share with others.  I do believe I can help spread more feel good vibes and energy into the world. (Lord knows it can’t hurt to have more of that floating around).   As you are currently on it…you know that in today’s society the internet is a great tool to spread positivity (or negativity but that will not be found on this site).  I mean who doesn’t love a little extra feel good in their day?!

Wait…what’s that you say?  Oh…that wasn’t really about me? Well here’s a bit more in-depth.  I explore in….Iowa prairies, Ozark mountains and Hill Country Texas.    I live in…Minnetonka moccasins, leggings all the time (so comfy), and top knots.  I laugh at Adam Sandlar movies (oh also Parks&Recration…you go Amy Poehler), slapstick comedy, and myself.   I admire…John Wayne, Dolly Parton, and my Grandma Darlin.   I’m inspired by God,  Adriene, and Karena&Katrina.  I jam out to…old school country, classic rock, and John Two-Hawks (well he’s more of a softly listen than jam).  I want to learn to hold a yoga headstand, to meditate, and dance like no one is watching.   I (currently) love my family, a long walk with Josie, anything yoga related, and Hart of Dixie (seriously best show ever well that and Friday Night Lights of course).  I live for love, joy, and laughing (what? you thought I was going to say gratitude didn’t you…gotcha!)

 The purpose of our lives is to be happy. -the dalai lama

Joise bed


j: josie

Although josie won’t have (too many) written entires to lovekandm, she does in fact embody the very meaning behind the blog.  I mean that face, those ears, that tail….I double dare you to not smile just looking at her!  We adopted josie in march 2012 from a local rescue AHeinz57 and she’s brought joy, love, laughter, and energy to our home ever since.  Josie is a chaser of tennis balls (Kong Air specifically…yep she’s a ball snob), sloppy whole face kisser, undercover snuggler, and the most beautiful rescue mutt in the whole wide world (although I may be bias on that last one).

 A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. -josh billings

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